Acclimate engine

Whats the acclimate engine?

Its a game engine written in C++11, allowing games to be developed and played for multiple graphic APIs without much overhead. It was originally written for my 3d tower defense project, but I decided to carry on developing it and increase its capability. The engine is currently in an early-alpha stage, and before releasing it completely to the public, I want to make sure most current flaws are ironed out, and the must-have features are implemented. Read below to learn more about the acclimate engine or try out the current tech-demo.



Shadows     EditorTechdemo

The acclimate engine consists of three main parts. All those parts have been written entirely by me from scratch, using only very few 3rd party APIs where absolutely necessary.

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If you want to try out the acclimate engine to see its capabilities, check out this tech-demo. It will be enchanced with features over time, so stay tuned! (Current Version: 08.12.2013)

Download: TECH-DEMO
Key features:
– 3D audio (tank, sea as background)
– Heightmap displaced terrain
– Scripting: Cameras, Tanks „path-finding“
– Deferred lighting with dynamic PFC soft shadows and SSAO
– Water rendering using „projected grid“ technology to simulate infinite sea,
reflection/refraction and noise based displacement/normal generation for
water surface
– High dynamic range rendering with tonemapping and luminosity adaptation
– Instanced particles (tanks dust trail)
– Simple GUI elements (buttons, text)

TechdemoDX11 TechdemoDX9

(Left picture using DirectX 11, right DirectX9)


Preview: Editor

I would also like to share a sneak peek at the toolset of the Acclimate engine. As I’ve already stated above, the editor is in a very early state, not very stable and doesn’t support all features. You can open the tech-demos ACP-file with it*, or create new projects (in which case you will have to import the plugins from the tech-demo by copying Game/Modules-folder to the projects Game/-folder, if you want any interactivity with the project). See it as mostly a proof of concept, as it shows for example that the engines GUI is also capable of handling complex tool environments, even though being rendered completely without help of the OS.

Download: EDITOR


* attempting to save this project will remove the terrain from the demos resource list


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